CareMore in the Community

CareMore Health takes a leading role in the health and well-being of the communities we serve. Our mission is to ensure our patient, their caregivers and all those in the neighborhoods we work in have an opportunity to live the best, healthiest life possible.

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Food as Medicine

Food As Medicine | CareMore Health 

CareMore is a sponsor of the Food as Medicine Program. Healthy Food and good nutrition are part of the CareMore Health whole health approach to Care. Many CareMore Care Centers now have a food bank, stocked with a variety of foods that are healthy and easy to prepare. Regardless of your income or ability to pay, you can visit the food bank and take home food for yourself and your family

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CareMove is a new program for seniors rolling out in the fall of 2022. CareMove provides both exercise class and social time for patients and members of the community. There are both online and in-person CareMove events for people of all ages and ability.

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National Check Your Meds Day (October 21, 2022)

National Check Your Meds Day | CareMore Health 

October 21 is National Check Your Meds Day: a day dedicated to making sure that patients and caregivers are aware of the medications in their home. CareMore Health will be hosting in-person events around the country to encourage you to check your medications, dispose of old prescriptions and to consult with a pharmacist.

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