Come MOVE with CareMore

CareMOVE is here to get moving and having a great time! We’re partnering with Nifty After Fifty to host online and in person events all over the country.

Each CareMOVE event will include a 30-minute exercise class as well as social time where our guests can enjoy health snacks, meet new people, chat with CareMore staff and providers.

Classes are designed for people of all ages and abilities and are open to all, not just CareMore patients.

CareMore and Nifty After Fifty

Nifty after Fifty | CareMore Health 

Our partnership with Nifty After Fifty® was designed by a doctor to help you retain strength, flexibility, and balance. This is no ordinary gym – it’s a unique approach to wellness with personally supervised fitness programs that help you maintain your independence and increase your zest for life.

  • Nifty After Fifty® Services Include:
  • Wellness coaching to address specific chronic conditions
  • Live and recorded online classes
  • Social programming and events
  • Group exercise classes

Upcoming Events

Click Events Below to Learn more and sign up. All CareMove events are fun and FREE!


October 13 — Online Exercise Class | 10 AM PT/1 PM ET COMPLETED

October 18 — Exercise Class | Tucson, AZ 10 AM MT COMPLETED

October 20 — Exercise Class | Downey, CA 10 AM PT COMPLETED

October 26 — Exercise Class | Las Vegas, NV 10 AM PT COMPLETED

October 27 —  Exercise Class | Modesto, CA 10AM PT COMPLETED

November 1 — Exercise Class | Apple Valley, CA 10 AM PT COMPLETED

November 3 — Exercise Class | Richmond, VA 10 ET COMPLETED

November 8 — Online Exercise Class | 7 AM PT/10 AM ET COMPLETED

November 15 — Exercise Class | Las Vegas, NV 10 AM PT

November 17 — Online Exercise Class | 10 AM PT/1PM ET

December 1  — Exercise Class | Las Vegas, NV 10 AM PT NEWLY ADDED!

November 29  — Online Exercise Class | 10 AM PT/1PM ET NEWLY ADDED!

Experience the CareMore Difference


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