National Check Your Meds Day

National Check Your Meds Day (October 21) is a nationwide observance that encourages consumers to bring their prescriptions to their local pharmacist for review. CareMore Health will be encouraging patients and members of the public to head to CareMore Care Center locations across the country to meet with one of our pharmacists.

We recently sat down with the Morning Blend Tucson team to explain why:

Book an Appointment with a Pharmacist

For National Check Your Meds Day, we're opening up our Care Centers to you. You can book an appointment with a pharmacist to get your prescription medications reviewed by calling the number below:

(833) 664-0089

In person consultations available at select CareMore Care Centers in California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas. Online consultation appointment available coast-to-coast.

What Should I Bring?

You should bring any medications that you might have, even if you aren’t regularly taking them. For example, if you have remaining pain killers or anti-anxiety pills from an earlier prescription, bring them along with your current medication. Also, bring any instructions or other information you might have regarding your prescription medications. Finally, you should bring any questions or concerns that you might have regarding your medications.

National Check Your Meds Day | CareMore Health

What Will the Pharmacist be Able to Tell Me?

CareMore’s pharmacists will be able to identify potentially serious issues with your prescriptions such as dangerous interactions, drugs that may not be effective anymore and drugs where a better option may now be available to you. Our pharmacists will also help you dispose of medications that may be expired or no longer needed.

Why is National Check Your Meds Day Important?

We recently sat down with some of our pharmacy team to discuss National Check Your Meds Day and asked why this annual event is so important.


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