Our Clinical Model

We use clinical programs and services where all clinicians and non-clinicians are aligned and coordinated as a team. This is different from the traditional healthcare model that is fragmented and inefficient.

Care Centers

With CareMore, patients get access to a host of extra services and resources centered on them. Many of these services are available at our Care Centers. Care Centers are one-stop outpatient facilities designed to give additional attention to chronic conditions, general health, and prevention.

Care Coordination

Extensivists and Case Management play a big part in our care coordination. CareMore Extensivists serve a unique role of caring for patients across multiple settings, serving as an extension of the role of the Primary Care Provider during and after hospitalization to ensure sustained care. They coordinate with PCPs and CareMore clinicians so patients don’t fall through the cracks of a complicated healthcare system.

Case Management teams coordinate care across all parties including providers, hospitals, long-term care, and specialists, taking ownership at the point of admission, ensuring that patients receive a high standard of care and that conditions are properly managed. By asking the right questions, Case Management helps realize the full potential of cooperation between a wide range of caregivers.


We partner with patients from day one to help prevent the onset of disease or chronic conditions, through a host of tools, services, and screenings like dietician classes, smoking cessation programs, or personalized fitness plans.


We take advantage of advances in technology to tackle pain points along the patient journey.

Some projects we are proud to share are:

  • Next-generation clinical communications
    We’re using a powerful application to help CareMore clinicians and contracted clinicians collaborate better by staying connected through a secure and intuitive platform. We’re also deploying a mobile solution for our clinicians to access patient records on-the-go from any setting, which improves care coordination and allows CareMore to expand its reach by better enabling home-based care.
  • Remote Health Monitoring
    We have a wide number of cutting edge biometric sensors available to help bring just-in-time health information to providers and case management teams so they can intervene with a patient if a red flag is triggered.
  • Strategic Partnerships
    We’re collaborating with a number of leading tech companies to explore innovative solutions to clinical problems and new ways of improving the patient experience of care through digital health technologies.