Direct Contracting – A New Medicare Program Launching April 2021

CareMore Health was selected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to be part of a new Medicare program starting April 2021 called Direct Contracting. We have invited doctors and other health care providers to join CareMore in this program who will work together with CareMore to provide patients with better quality care as a combined group called Direct Contracting Entity (DCE).

This program is eligible to any patients who have traditional Medicare in select areas. Patients who want care from CareMore through the DCE will not have to change their PCP nor will their Medicare benefits change.

  • All providers within the CareMore DCE are committed to providing patients with a great experience:
  • All of the care providers will work together to give patients better care 
  • Patients’ care will be coordinated according to their personal medical needs and treatment choices 
  • Patients’ medical records and privacy will be protected
  • We will reduce duplicate tests and paperwork to save patients time and money

For more information, please call: 877-421-5777

DCE Contact Information

Physical Location/Mailing Address:
CareMore Health DCE
12898 Towne Center Drive 
Cerritos, CA 90703

Participant and Preferred Providers

Southern California
Dr. Matthew Lefferman, D.O 
Access Healthcare Associates 
Office (310) 356.8146
9233 West Pico Blvd. Suite #230
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Dr. Jason Abney, D.O
Doctors Direct Medical Group
Office: 949.353.5053
150 Paularino Avenue, Suite D-182, Costa Mesa, Ca 92626

Pima County, Arizona
Comfort Impraim, FNP
9420 E. Golf Links Road., Suite 108-302 

Natalie Camras, FNP
12350 E Barbary Coast Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85749

Team Health Virginia 
These participating providers:

  • Uzma Ali
  • David Campbell
  • Vanessa Sturgil Fant
  • Jeffery Garland
  • Victor Bell 
  • William Ward
  • William Powers
  • Jamee Noel 
  • Samuel Jackson
  • Holly Roy
  • Angela Fields
  • Arneda Lyons
  • Stephanie Greathouse
  • Jamie Wood
  • Teresa Ray
  • Ashley Cupp
  • Sarah Prol
  • Stacy Cambill
  • Jessica Hall
  • Jessica Van Auken
  • Megan Eades
  • Lisa Curtis
  • Ryan Carlton
  • Angela Loftis
  • Jessica Terry
  • Candace Young
  • Viola Jones
  • Lisa Dameron

Joint Ventures Between or Among the DCE and any of its DCE Participant and Preferred Providers

No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals.

DCE Key Clinical and Administrative Leaders

Administrative Leaders:
Gregory Garza,
CareMore West Market President
Interim East Market President

David Hsieh,
Staff VP Financial Strategy & Planning

Clinical Leader:
Dr. Andrew Aronson,
CareMore/Aspire CMO
CareMore Executive CMO

DCE Governing Body

Name Designation
Andrew Aronson, M.D. Chief Medical Officer of Manager (serving ex officio)
David Hsieh Chief Financial Officer of Manager (serving ex officio)
Gregory GarzaPresident, West Region of Manager (serving ex officio)
VacantPresident, East Region of Manager (serving ex officio)
VacantMedicare beneficiary served by the DCO
VacantConsumer Advocate
VacantTeam Health, Participant Provider (its designated representative)
VacantParticipant Provider (its designated representative)