Ten Reasons to Choose CareMore


10 Reasons to Choose CareMore Health
  1. CareMore is a healthcare delivery system. Our doctors, nurses and other health professionals are dedicated to caring for patients with chronic and complex conditions. We help these patients stay well and avoid hospitalization.
  2. CareMore Anytime — Clinicians available 24/7 to respond to your health questions and concerns. Your first call to access the healthcare system.
  3. A multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, behavioral health clinicians, social workers and case managers dedicated to helping you reach your health goals.
  4. Nationally recognized disease management programs — Focused on diabetes, heart disease, ESRD, COPD – delivering the most effective and clinically proven treatment.
  5. Preventive care — including fall prevention, health assessments and immunizations. We help patients stay on their treatment plan, including appointments and tests. Early interventions address problems before they escalate into crisis.
  6. Care provided where and when you need it, including at-home and virtual. We meet patients where they are.
  7. Relationship with your provider. CareMore clinicians take time to know you, your personal situation and health goals. Appointments at a CareMore clinic last 45 minutes to an hour, compared to an average of 17 minutes at a typical clinic.
  8. Whole-person approach to health — We consider emotional, social and environmental factors, in addition to medical. Social determinants of health (SDoH) are an important part of the overall health picture.
  9. Healthy Start™ — A head-to-toe assessment including health history, medication review, personal health goals and concerns. Healthy Start is proven to boost patient engagement, satisfaction and health plan re-enrollment.
  10. Case management — Ensures continuity of care and smooth transitions across treatment settings. We help patients navigate a complicated and intimidating healthcare system.