Katherine's Story


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Katherine's Story

My quality of life was poor before… I… I couldn’t function, I was homebound and mostly bed ridden. Finding CareMore was life-changing because they really listened to what was going on with me. They helped find the diagnosis and the means to help me improve my life and get back on my feet.


All of CareMore’s staff has always gone above and beyond to help. Whether it’s been the in-house podiatrist, or the cardiologist or the nutritionist, CareMore having the specialists in-house to help take care of my particular needs is wonderful.


The doctors and nurse practitioners, all of the staff at CareMore take the time to listen to what I’ve got to say. Even if they’re in with me for 40 minutes. They’re willing to not only listen to what I have to say but they ask the right questions showing me they’re really listening. And they make sure that if I need referral… or whatever I might need… they make sure that I am taken care of before I walk out that door.


And that’s rare


I think what has made the most profound difference for me is the fact that the CareMore staff takes the time to get to know me when I walk in the door, they know my name. They ask how I’m doing. They ask how the children and grandchildren are doing. They take the time to get to know me.


And that means more than words can express