Health Plans

We partner with health plans who understand that high-risk patients need specialized care that’s more intensive, more personal, and highly coordinated. With 25+ years’ experience as a risk-based medical group, we extend the care available through a patient’s regular primary care physician, integrating the patient’s complex medical, behavioral, pharmaceutical, social, and palliative care needs.

Our multidisciplinary care teams see patients at one of our care centers or in the comfort of a patient’s home. By focusing on long-term outcomes rather than episodic care, we are able to understand the patient’s unique needs and close the gaps in care often seen with complex patients.

Using our proprietary technology and deep experience caring for vulnerable populations, we’ll work with you to identify and engage those members who will most benefit from our model of care.

Today, our patients across the nation have benefited from:

  • Reduced inpatient admissions
  • Lower inpatient lengths of stay
  • Fewer acute hospital readmissions
  • Outcomes that are consistently better than industry average

If you are a health plan and are interested in learning more about partnering with us, request more information here.