Loneliness, a business in the US

Apps, parties and more options are offered to counteract the isolation, depression and loneliness of Americans.

Diario Expreso/Daily Express

Do you know what 'The People Walker' is? Well it is nothing more and nothing less than an application, which offers as a companion service for walking. The values would go from seven to 21 dollars. There are also other platforms, some free and others paid, such as 'Rent a Friend' (friend rental), CareMore Health (health plan that treats loneliness as a health condition that can be diagnosed, prevented and treated) and Sidewalk Talk (sit down to talk with a person), in which adults from 30 to 70 years old participate, who seek to interact with new people, avoid isolation and depression.

Apparently the crisis of loneliness that the United States is suffering is taking advantage of, the same one that health authorities declare as an epidemic, since more than 20,000 people would suffer from it, reveals Televisa.news. And the figures keep talking ... more than half of adults believe that nobody really knows them and 46% admit to feeling alone sometimes or always, according to the survey developed by Cigna and Ipsos.

Those who are part of the centennial generation (young people from 18 to 22 years old), are what they feel most alone. Is the responsible person signaled? ... hyperconnectivity, being connected to a device and not to the people around. They only feel loneliness as an undesirable companion, they also recognize that their health is worse than previous generations.

The loneliness would be more harmful than obesity and as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, so in North America hugs parties are held, to which comes in pajamas and embrace without sexual intentions. At the beginning of the 'party' they form a circle to present themselves and reveal why they have attended.

It is that in all these alternatives measures are taken, for example those who provide the service of companions of the walks are asked for criminal records and the location is monitored throughout the tour with the client-user. Loneliness for sure.