Could the House Call Make a Comeback? CareMore Health Survey Findings Say "Yes"

Survey findings from CareMore Health suggest that the house call, first common nearly a century ago, could offer a way for the very ill to get care they need—with less stress for the patient.

The survey of 2009 adults, conducted by The Harris Poll for CareMore Health and Aspire Health, offers insights into the potential benefits of in-home care for the chronically ill, while pinpointing barriers that keep people from getting care they need, according to information on the poll provided to The American Journal of Managed Care®.

Findings show 64% of adults (23 years and older) expressed interest in a house call, defined as a team of healthcare professionals traveling to a home-bound or chronically ill patient’s home or care facility for “medical care, consultations, and social services, for both regular checkups and non-emergency care situations.” The selling points for the respondents were convenience (58%) and personal attention (42%).

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