As Technology Advances, Hospice Evolves

Hospice is in a state of flux. The industry is evolving with the changing health care landscape in terms of practice, payment models and the pervasive presence of technology. Hospices nationwide are leveraging technological advancement to improve their workflows, improve efficiency and enhance patient care. 

Technologies such as predictive analytics, telemedicine systems, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are gradually changing the way hospice care is delivered.

“I am a firm believer in technology from the standpoint of it allows you to add another layer of care, whether that be telephonic, whether that be a centralized view of your charts, or being able to add on call center technology or data analytic technology to really understand what is going on with a patient’s illness and when they have the highest probability of exacerbation. Technology has a huge role to play in that,” Larry Graham, CEO and founder of Curo Health Services said at the Home Health Care News Summit conference in September.

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