Flu Shots & COVID-19 Vaccinations

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against the flu and COVID-19 is by getting vaccinated.

CareMore and the CDC recommends receiving a flu shot before the end of October. COVID-19 updated booster shots are FDA approved and may be offered as available. Click here to read updates about COVID-19 and vaccines/booster shots.

For more information and to make a vaccine appointment, call 1-888-605-1030 (Memphis, TN patients, call 901-946-1375).

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Here are answers to important questions about the flu and the flu shot:

1. Can I skip my free shot this year?

No, don’t skip your shot. The flu vaccine is an important health care decision, and it must be taken yearly to give you the best protection against the flu. It can keep you from getting the flu or spreading it to others. It can make you less sick if you do get the flu and reduces the number of hospital stays – and death – related to the flu. It's our best defense against the flu, so make sure to get your annual shot!

2. Can I get the flu shot if I have an egg allergy?

Yes, you can receive the flu shot even if you have an allergy. If you have an egg allergy, CDC recommends you get the flu shot at your doctor’s office or at a place where there are other healthcare professionals present. There are also vaccines for flu that have no egg components in them. If you prefer a vaccine with no eggs, please ask your pharmacist or physician.

3. What complications can the flu cause, especially if I have a chronic illness?

People living with chronic illness can get severely ill with the flu. In more serious cases, the flu can lead to pneumonia, heart attacks, inflammation, organ failure and blood infections. Heart and lung complications may also arise from the flu. Every year, thousands of Americans die from the flu and even more are hospitalized.

4. Can’t the flu shot actually cause the flu?

No! This is a common misconception. The vaccine is extremely safe and has never caused anyone to get sick with the flu. In fact, there is no live virus in a flu shot. What most people feel after a flu shot is their immune system learning the virus and gearing up to fight it if needed. This leads to occasional soreness or aches that is commonly and incorrectly associated with being sick with the flu.

5. Can I get the flu shot and my COVID booster shot at the same time?

Yes, you can get both vaccines at the same time.

6. Vaccine side effects.

Just like most vaccines, side effects may include soreness, redness or swelling from the shot, headache, fever, nausea or body aches. This is very common and will resolve quickly.

7. I had the flu, do I need a flu shot?

Yes, there are many circulating strains of influenza, the virus that causes flu every year. It is possible that you get sick with more than one strain in any given flu season. So even if you have been sick with flu, it’s important to get the flu shot to decrease your chances of getting flu again later this season.

8. Where can I go to get my free flu shot?

You can get your free flu shot at a nearby CareMore Care Center, pharmacy, or doctor’s office.