COVID Vaccine

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is one of the best and safest ways to protect yourself and everyone around you.

The CDC has granted Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines to prevent COVID-19. The vaccines have been shown to be both safe and effective in protecting against COVID-19. There will be no cost to receive the vaccine in the United States.

We are working closely with public health authorities to supply and offer the vaccine to our members. When supplies ramp up, and the vaccine is made available to the public, you will be able to receive the vaccine at your local CareMore Care Center.

Availability of Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine supplies are being distributed through local health departments. Your CareMore Care Center will receive the vaccine, but the exact dates will be different in each community.

When the vaccine becomes available at your local care center, your CareMore team will call or text you directly to make an appointment.

Should the vaccine become available in your area outside of the listings below, we encourage you to get the vaccine.


Before Your Vaccination Appointment with CareMore

You’ll need to fill out a Pre-Vaccination Checklist and Consent Form. Please download, print, and fill out both of these forms. Remember to bring them with you to your vaccination appointment at the Care Center.




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Things to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine

  • The two approved vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) are safe and effective.
  • You need two doses of the same vaccine to achieve the 95% effectiveness level.
    • Don’t mix and match brands of the vaccine – if your first dose was the Moderna vaccine, for example, your second dose should be Moderna, too.
  • The vaccine is provided to you at no cost. At this time, the federal government is paying for COVID-19 vaccines and, in some situations, administration of the vaccine (example, Medicare Advantage). Insurance will cover the cost of administering the vaccine when not otherwise covered by the government.
  • You should get the vaccine even if you’ve already have COVID because it will provide greater immunity than prior infection will.
  • You can’t get COVID from receiving the vaccine because it doesn’t contain any live virus.
  • People who are allergic to PEG or polysorbate should not get an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Common side effects include: swelling and pain on the arm where you got the shot; fever, chills, tiredness and headache. Contact your doctor if the redness or tenderness where you got the shot increases after 24 hours; if your side effects do not seem to be going away after a few days.