Healthy Startâ„¢ Assessment

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CareMore’s Healthy Start™ comprehensive health assessment is your first connection to better health.

As a new patient, you will be welcomed by your CareMore Team at your very important first appointment known as your Healthy Start™ Comprehensive Assessment. In addition to gathering all the vital health information that will create you complete health history, you CareMore Care Team will take the time to find out what your health goals are, as well as any challenges you may face in achieving them.

Your Healthy Start™ Comprehensive Health Assessment will also include:

  • Personalized care plan based on your health goals and needs.
  • Recommendations to health and wellness programs to help you manage chronic conditions.
  • Balance assessment.
  • Behavioral health assessment.
  • Preventative Screening.
  • Referral to specialty care.
  • Physical mobility evaluation.
  • On-site lab testing.
  • Medication review and consultation.
  • An introduction to all the CareMore programs and services available to you.

Your personalized care plan will be shared with your primary care provider (PCP) to ensure we are all working together to help you feel your best.

Schedule your Healthy Start™ Assessment by calling 1-888-291-1387 or complete the form below: