Virtual visits with CareMore Health


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One of the benefits of being a CareMore patient is that you may will choose to have your scheduled appointment from the comfort of your home instead of in a  a clinic. Check with your clinic to learn more about video visits (also known as virtual visits) and how they can work for you. 

Before your visit, your provider or medical assistant will call you to help you join the video visit so make sure you have your cell phone by you. Here’s what to expect:

  • You will receive a text message with a link from your provider
  • Press the link in the text message to open your browser
  • Press “Allow” to use your microphone and camera
  • Press the green “Join Video Visit” button 
  • You’re all ready for your video appointment! Your provider will see you shortly. 

In certain cases, you may use Webex for your video visit with your provider. If you are using Webex, please continue reading the below instructions to prepare for your appointment. 

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Getting Started

  • Find a device with video capabilities—a laptop or computer with a camera (preferred), smartphone, or tablet.
  • If you are using a computer: click here for instructions.
  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please download the WebEx app at least 24 hours before your visit (you only need to download once).
  • Check that your cellular or wireless connection at home is strong enough for a video call.
    • Try playing a video on your device and make sure it runs smoothly.
    • If it does not, contact your CareMore clinic to change your appointment to be telephonic.
  • A medical assistant will provide the meeting ID needed to join your virtual visit. Make sure to save it and use it at the time of your visit.

Prepare for your visit

  • Test to make sure your microphone and video work.
  • Find a quiet, private location to take your virtual visit.
    • We recommend in front of a blank wall.
    • Try to avoid sitting in front of a window.
    • Position the device so your head and shoulders are visible (turn on your camera to check!).
  • Call your CareMore clinic if you have any questions or issues that come up.

Beginning the virtual visit

  • At the time of your visit, a medical assistant will call you to walk you through connecting to WebEx.
  • You’ll enter the 9 digit meeting ID, your name, and an email address.
  • The medical assistant will verify that the clinician is ready, and then the clinician will start your virtual visit!

Having a WebEx issue?
Read our FAQs:

I cannot hear my clinician

Make sure your device speakers are not muted and your volume is up. Press the volume buttons on the side of your smartphone/tablet, or go to your computer volume settings.

My clinician cannot hear me

Make sure to unmute yourself on WebEx. If the microphone button is red, you are muted. If the microphone button is gray, your microphone is on.

Microphone off
Microphone off
Microphone on
Microphone on

My clinician cannot see me

Make sure your video is turned on. The video button should be gray and you should see yourself in the Preview window.

Video off
Video off
Video on
Video on

My video image is poor quality or slow

Check your bandwidth or wireless connection. You may try switching to a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Play a video from your favorite video streaming website to see if it runs smoothly.

Why do I/the clinician hear feedback or echoing?

If you hear echoing, the clinician on the call may have their microphone too close to the speakers. Tell the clinician what you are hearing so they can troubleshoot and rearrange their setup. If they hear echoing, you should try to move your speakers away from the microphone or put on headphones.