Virtual visit on WebEx using a laptop or a computer with webcam

  1. Go to and click “Join”.
    WebEx Browser Join
  2. Enter in the 9-digit meeting ID provided by CareMore.
    WebEx Browser Meeting Id
  3. Wait a minute or less for the “Join from your browser” option to appear, before selecting it.
    TIP: If you are prompted to install webex.exe, you can either choose to do so, or ignore it and wait for the “Join from your browser” option to appear.
    WebEx Join From Browser
  4. Enter your name and email address, then click “Next”.
    TIP: If you do not have an email address, please use
    WebEx Browser Name Email
  5. Allow your computer to use your microphone and camera.
    WebEx Browser Allow Access
  6. Once the “New Audio and Video Preview Window” appears, click “Show me what’s new”.
    WebEx Browser Preview
  7. Click “OK” after reviewing each of the audio and video settings.
    TIP: Verify that your microphone and video are on (both will appear grey).
    WebEx Browser Choose Connect
    WebEx Browser Change Audio Video
    WebEx Browser Change Camera Headset
    WebEx Browser Connect Cisco
    WebEx Browser Looks Good
  8. Click “Join meeting”
    WebEx Browser Join Meeting
  9. Wait in virtual “lobby” until provider admits you.
    WebEx Personal Room
  10. Once admitted, you’ll be able to join your visit with your provider.
    WebEx Layout