CareMore Provider Portal

The provider portal is the quickest way for our contracted providers to get answers to questions you need. You can access real-time patient information, check claims status, enter and view authorizations, and much more. It is conveniently available 24/7 so that you can find what you need, when you need it, to take care of your patients.

There is a wide array of valuable tools, information, and forms that can help you quickly process your request through this secure Provider Portal.

Below is a list of some of the tools and information you can find in the Provider Portal:

  • Messaging – Ability to send and receive messages to and from CareMore and other provider offices.
  • Utilization Management – Ability to submit and view authorization status and other authorization details.
  • Diagnosis & Procedure Code view – Ability to look up CPT and ICD10 codes through the Provider Portal.
  • Eligibility/Claims – Ability to view current and historical eligibility and view claims data by patient and provider.
  • Quality Measures – Ability to view quality measures by patient and measure, and the ability to close measures.
  • Communication Alerts and News – CareMore can broadcast messages and alert providers of recent changes, updates, or news.
  • Clinical Communications – You can now view and print a clinical summary, medication changes, and admit/discharge information from within the last 12 Months.
  • New Online PAHAFs – Ability to review your list of PAHAFs, those submitted and those not completed, search by provider or member, generate a member list, you can print PAHAFs, complete PAHAFs online, upload applicable progress notes, e-signature, and submit.
  • General Reference & Provider Communications – Ability access Provider Manual, historical provider communications, provider portal training documents and video, and a variety of health-related materials.
  • User Management – Ability for provider office and group to self-manage account setup and usage.


Provider Portal Login


New CareMore Health providers: Complete the Provider Portal Access Form, to request access to our Provider Portal.

Request Access to the Provider Portal

Once we receive your request, it will be processed within five (5) business days.

Provider Portal training documents and videos can be accessed via our provider portal link.