Welcome to CareMore's Provider Training Site

CareMore considers all providers to hold a crucial role of being the medical home "gatekeepers" and coordinators of a member's complete health care.

Therefore, it is important for CareMore to ensure that all providers are properly trained and informed about CareMore' services for all lines of business, as applicable. In addition, this will also help you to seamlessly serve CareMore members, your patients.

CareMore is committed to providing quality educational materials.

Provider Portal Training

Our Provider Portal User Manuals are useful tools to help orient contracted providers to CareMore’s new Provider Portal. We cover topics such as:

Getting Started – Learn how to sign-up for the Provider Portal, how to log-in, reset your password, edit your user profile.

Getting Started Manual

Accessing Documents and Inbox – Learn how to access provider announcements and communications, how to receive, respond and delete email communications.

Accessing Documents and Inbox Manual

Accessing Utilization Platform – Learn how to search and view members, claims, providers, diagnosis and procedure codes, how to view and submit authorization and referral requests, how to view quality measures.

Accessing Utilization Platform Manual

Performing Account Operator Tasks – If you are a designated Account Operator for your provider site(s), learn how to set up new users and manage your provider’s user accounts.

Performing Account Operator Tasks Manual

To view the training videos, please log-in to your current, active CareMore Provider Portal account. You will find the videos located on the Main Page, under the heading Provider Portal Training Videos. Look for these topics and click on the video to view.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Accessing Documents and Inbox
  3. Accessing Utilization Platform
  4. Performing Account Operator Tasks

CareMore is rolling out the new Provider Portal to providers on a state-by-state basis on different dates. Providers will transition to the new portal as follows:

  • Nevada providers – August 5, 2019 
  • Arizona providers – August 19, 2019 
  • Virginia providers – August 26, 2019 
  • California providers – September 16, 2019

To attend a live webinar: If you wish to attend a live webinar to learn about the new Provider Portal, please click on the link below to RSVP. Upon receipt of your RSVP, we will email the webinar details to you..


Cultural Competency Training and Resources

In this section you will find a list of available training that include useful information to help you provide cultural competent care to patients from different cultures and backgrounds. This training also includes information on state and federal regulations on the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

Annual Provider Training

Cal MediConnect Training

Cal MediConnect Provider Manual

The Cal MediConnect Provider Manual contains guidelines, policies and procedures and general reference information required of our providers to help ensure that members receive quality, comprehensive care.

Should you have general questions pertaining the Provider Manual, please contact Provider Relations at 866-291-1358 (select Option 3 & Option 5).

Cal MediConnect Provider Manual (PDF)