How to Enroll with CareMore (Medicaid)

CareMore Health is a care provider included in certain health plans serving Medicaid-eligible patients. CareMore Specializes in treating complex and chronic conditions and has more than 100,000 patients across the county.

CareMore is also available through select Medicare Advantage Plans. 

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Medicaid-eligible Services

If you are eligible for Medicaid in your state and are interested in enrolling in CareMore, follow the steps below:

Step One: Check Medicaid Eligibility in Your State


Medicaid eligibility rules vary from state to state. You can find your state's regulations by clicking the buttons below.

Step Two: Choose a Health Plan that Includes CareMore

CareMore is available through certain high-quality health plans in each states. You can choose find the plan that is available to you by clicking the buttons below:

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Step Three: Choose CareMore as Your Provider

Choose CareMore as your Provider | CareMore Health 

Once you have chosen a plan that includes CareMore, choose CareMore as your healthcare provider.

Your health plan will guide you through this process.

Step Four: Sign Up for Your Healthy Start™ Assessment

Once you have signed up for CareMore, make sure to register for your Healthy Start™ comprehensive assessment.

As a new patient, you will be welcomed by your CareMore team at your first appointment, known as Healthy Start™. During this session, we will gather health information to create your complete health history. Your CareMore Care team will spend time with you listening to your personal concerns and health goals and any challenges you face in achieving them.

Sign Up for Your Healthy Start™ Assessment


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