Medicare and Chronic Conditions

Turning 65 means you are eligible for Medicare – health insurance for those ages 65 or older. If you have a chronic condition, CareMore Health may be an ideal solution to help you manage your health.

CareMore is a care provider included in certain Medicare Advantage Plans. We specialize in treating complex and chronic conditions and have pioneered nationally recognized treatment programs. CareMore serves more than 100,000 Americans across the country.


The CareMore Approach to Chronic Conditions

If you are part of the 50% of the population that suffered from one or more chronic conditions, choose a Medicare Advantage plan that includes CareMore.

As a CareMore patient, you will have access to nationally recognized programs and services to help you live your best life. Get the individualized care you deserve from a highly trained team of clinicians and staff who work closely with your primary care provider (PCP).

We manage chronic conditions for more than 100,000 Americans through:

  • Healthy Start™ a comprehensive health assessment that includes a medication review and consultation, balance assessment, physical mobility evaluation, on-site lab testing, preventative screening, referral to specialty care and behavioral health assessment.
  • Nationally recognized disease management programs to help you manage chronic conditions.
  • Prevention programs, to keep you healthy including a variety of healthy lifestyle programs like Nifty after Fifty®.
  • Care wherever you are – in the home, by phone or video, CareMore Care Centers, mobile, senior nursing facilities and hospitals.
  • Healthy Journey, an annual head-to-toe assessment for returning patients. It includes a medical evaluation, physical exam, on-site labs and more.
  • Medication review and consultation to make sure that you’re taking the prescriptions you need and taking them correctly to get the best results from your medication.

Find a plan that includes CareMore Health

There are three easy ways to find a plan that includes life-changing care for complex conditions from CareMore Health.

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Find a plan that includes CareMore Health using the third-party online search tool eHealth.


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Speak to an independent broker at eHealth to help you find a plan that includes CareMore Health.

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Find an independent broker in your local area through Golden Outlook, a third party licensed insurance agency.


Come see CareMore for yourself


Our Care Centers provide convenient, local access to care for many of our patients. If you would like to take a tour of your local care center before becoming a CareMore patient, please click the link below to connect with a community representative